Top Heels for Lady Drummers

Who says you can't drum in heels? I’m 5’2” and any lift I can get from my shoes -- you bet I’ll take it. I know it’s probably not the best practice, but hey, if I suffer for fashion out in the SF streets, there’s no question I’ll suffer for style behind the kit.


You would think that since percussionists are seated while playing this would be a non-issue. But shoes for drumming is something I take a minute to consider, probably more so than any of my male counterparts. I think about everything from good grip on the pedals to whether I can skip a sturdy heel for a stiletto (making me play on the balls of my feet) or whether my sling backs will stay on right.


If a little elevation is as important to you as it is to me, here are four stylish heels I’ve played in and would recommend:



Full support. No need to change up your footwork -- you can relax while playing. Almost like wearing flats!




Feels like a normal shoe, but stylish to boot! Definitely fun to play in.



Boots with Full Heel

A nice full boot heel gives you balance and makes it easy to keep a beat.



Classic Stiletto Heel

Uncomfortable, but I can swing it for a short period of time. Will usually avoid resting my heel and put most weight forward. Caution, though, to those prone to cramping!



I will usually stay away from pointed toe and slip-ons. And it’s probably not the wisest choice to do open-toe because of the wires and hardware around, but I’ve done it.


Although nowhere near rockin as Sheila E! She’s a pro on the skins and the stilettos!


Jo Marzan

May 3, 2011

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