The Apples of My Eye

A heavy cloud of "iSad" hung over San Francisco that evening we all learned about Steve Jobs' passing. It was news to hear him step down from his role with Apple, but more of a shock to the system when his death was announced. 


I smirk at the attempt for me to write anything remotely profound about Mr. Jobs. I'll leave that to his family, the people in his company, and the media.


Though, I will take this time to reflect on the Apples of my eye -- to thank Mr. Jobs for revolutionizing the experience of the personal computer time and again.


I have been an Apple fan-sumer since second grade -- from the fall of 1984 all the way through to the iPad. It's been a mixed experience of using Apple computers in school to finally purchasing one of my own when I had enough dough. I remember being the only one in graduate school with a MacBook circa 2001. Always got the stares, the compatibility questions, and the reactions to the price. I was used to it. That came with the territory of thinking different.


The following is the Apple Timeline of my life.



1984  - My first Apple experience. I remember playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe in second grade.






1992-95 - Macintosh Classic and Plus throughout high school. I had to get to school super early or stay late to do reports on these bad boys. 






1995-98 - Majorly jealous of those with the PowerBook. I was a have-not.




2000 - Enter...OS X. Best experience ever. Plus, I couldn't resist Apple's use of the Rolling Stones song in their commercials. Bought a iMac (graphite).






2001 - First Generation iPod. I remember taking it with me for the first time on the SF Aids Walk in 2001. I still have that playlist. Felt AWESOME to leave the CD wallet at home.





2002 - iBook for Graduate School. My first day was totally that "one of these things is not like the other" scene from Legally Blonde.






2007 - And yep, I was that crazy early adopter of the iPhone. Before the price change. Ouch! But so worth it.






And aside from the iPad, the rest was upgrading history....







Thank you Mr. Jobs. May you rest in peace.


Jo Marzan

October 18, 2011

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