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Hi, I’m Jo. A very tiny fraction of you may know me as the gal floating around the interwebs under the guise of @Jo_Drummer (yes, my tribute-handle to The Clash’s late and great Joe Strummer). While I do enjoy @-ing and #-ing as much as the next Tweep, I’ve been thinking it’s definitely time for me to lay down some real roots. You know, find a cozy IP address I can finally call home on the web.


So these are my new diggs. This is where I’ve chosen to set up. Welcome to


Rockerista will be an imperfect curation of the three areas that I personally love and am hyper-focused on -- style, music and technology.


In addition to bubbling up my favorite finds, I’m blogging to share my point of view on how I see technology and our social web changing the way we access and appreciate music and style, forever. If I were doing this blog circa 1999 -- it would’ve focused simply on my likes in music and fashion. But there’s no point talking about the innovation happening in both areas without bringing in the very discipline that’s changing the game for both. Our digital world. Our geek heroes and heroines. The geniuses that have made it easy for me to purchase music and shoes at the click of a button, sometimes directly from the artist or designer themselves.


My perspective is far from expert. It’s comes from genuine interest and inquiry about the three areas I feel most passionate. From the past 15 years of simply taking to what’s been shared on the web, combined with working in the digital space and music.


So I invite all five of you to hang out here. To get comfy in this crazy mashed-up world of ours. And to excuse any overuse of commas and exclamation points, as I’m not a writer, I’m a blogger.




P.S. There is only one of me, so I’m happy to take tips. If you see anything that fits the Rockerista bill, please hit the “submit an idea” button. I’d love to round out the sound and find others who want to throw in more than a Like button.

Jo Marzan

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