Five Ways to Find Live Music

Nothing is as bad as missing your favorite band when they’re in town. May kicks off the summer concert and music festival season (though some would say April with Coachella) and I want to make sure you don’t miss another lighter-waving, fist-pumping, encore-wooting opportunity ever again. 


Don't wait for traditional outlets to tell you (or not tell you) when your band is in your city. Information  is actually in your hands. Here are five geeky ways to actively keep tabs of live shows for your favorite artists.

1.  Songkick
Do you know Songkick? Well you do now. It’s a super cool way of tracking live acts in your area. You can load up your favorite artists with your music collection from iTunes, Last.FM, Pandora or Facebook Likes and leave it to Songkick to alert you when bands are coming your way. The webapp is easy to use and does a fantastic job of connecting you with friends and other concertgoers, and also recommends shows you might be into. They don’t have an official mobile app at the moment but GigKick is an app that hooks into their data. Songkick is a London based company created by live show uber fans Ian Hogarth, Pete Smith, and Michelle You. Friend me if you’re on there!


2. LiveNation and Live Nation Mobile App
The most popular live music hub online, Live Nation has the latest info on all the major concerts in the world. But something even cooler is being able to now buy tickets right from your phone. Yeah! The Live Nation mobile app was released last year. It searches for events in your location and also via your phone's music collection and provides show dates and the ability to purchase tickets at the click of a button. Ahh...I love technology. Warning, it can get dangerously addictive.


3. Bandsintown
Bandsintown, a San Diego based company founded by Todd Cronin and Phil Sergi, takes the pain out of concert search and keeps you in the early know. Import your carefully curated iTunes, LastFM and Pandora artists to create a personalized "concert cloud" of upcoming live acts based on geolocation and music preferences. Their iPhone app is perfect when you’re on the run as well. Oh, and whoever came up with that logo? Kudos dude.



4. Pollstar
A nod to one of the very first to cover information on the live music world, was born out of the creators of the industry trade magazine on concerts (online at You can search their site for live acts, read and post reviews, and sift through photos from concerts you may have missed. They’ve been relaying live show information for over 25 years.



5. Artist Websites and Social Media
Still, for my most favorite artists ever, I will always sign up for their e-newsletter or roll ‘em into my Likes on Facebook. Getting the official tour announcement straight from the artist themselves usually keeps me one step ahead and I can share in the excitement of them hitting the road right away. A quick Google search will help you find the official website of your favorite bands.



Other great ways of finding shows are through music blogs, magazine websites and venue email lists. I'll keep on the lookout for new apps and will try and post updates as soon as I can. Happy show going!




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Jo Marzan

May 11, 2011

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