Elvis Costello: Tying it All Together

Like many of the kids on my block, I logged a good number of uninspired hours behind the piano for my parents’ pleasure when I was young. I learned fast, put in my daily 30 minutes, could spin out a mean quarter of Fur Elise, but never really excelled. I saw no reason.




Had I caught even half a listen to the keys on Elvis Costello's Oliver’s Army or Shipbuilding I would’ve been like, “ THIS is what it’s for! THIS is the reason Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge!" (or Every Good Bird Does Fly!). I'd like to think those songs would've given me the context to appreciate the beauty of the piano, even if used as an embellishment to bring a rock song alive.


Elvis Costello is a master at composition for the eyes and the ears. From his signature black rimmed specs, stylish fedoras, and color popping neck attire, all the way to the brilliant way he accessorized the musical talents of The Attractions -- adorning Steve Nieve’s skills on the ivories and Pete Thomas’ syncopated drum beats over his own clever storytelling lyrics. He is a classic must-love for every style and music fan.







Tell me, how can you not be inspired to be playful with your wardrobe after knowing Elvis? To dig through bins of accessories to find one piece that ties it all together. I sure can't help myself and have been embellishing like pieces into my daily routine -- along with every other urbanite in San Francisco.


Heart my Fedoras.


A quarter of my scarf collection.



I also channeled my inner Costella this weekend when looking to update my specs. A fan of accessorizing modern with vintage, I take cues from the 60’s cats that first lent chic to glasses, until Costello broke it all the way in to being cool.



From left to right: Lafont Issy Eames; Lafont Issy Fizz; Paul Frank Blank Generation; Prodesign Denmark





I was nine when Elvis Costello and The Attractions first toured with the Spectacular Spinning Songbook in 1986 and he was a complete stranger to my ears. Twenty-five years later and now an inspiration in all creative directions, I’m excited to see him and The Imposters bring back the Songbook tonight(!) in Oakland on their third show of The Revolver Tour.



Photos: Mardous Blog, Not in Hall of Fame, Gathering of the Vibes, Music Mp3, Lyrics Wikia


Jo Marzan

May 9, 2011

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