Aneta Genova: Accessories Designer Extraordinaire

Meet Aneta Genova, Tribeca-based accessories designer and teacher who mashes up technology with the fashionista. Aneta teaches Accessory Design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City and freelances as a designer at Ralph Lauren.


I love that she intersects both fashion and tech and was intrigued with our conversation about that convergence at this year's SXSW. She's the creative mind behind a collection of it-iPod cases, giving style to our gadgets.


Not only does she make our gizmos more fashionable, Aneta is paving the way in design innovation and was one of three instructors who led a competittion (sponsored by MCM Luxury Handbag) at Parsons on wearable technology where students design objects with controllers, solar panels and LED lighting. 


Aneta recently finished writing the first ever Accessory Design college textbook, presenting the process of design from concept and inspiration to sketching and manufacturing. Her book features the work of designers from all over the world, as well as students from various colleges. 


Rockerista caught up with Aneta for a little Q&A. 


How would you describe your personal style?

I vary my style depending on my mood and the event I'm going to. I am always conscious of what would be appropriate and what kind of people would be attending. I can be tomboy one day and a lady another. I really like dressing up and down. I enjoy the power of accessories. A pair of high heels and a gat with a feather can completely transform an outfit.



What is your approach in designing accessories for technology? What do you seek to accomplish with your finished product?

While I was designing I was always thinking of very distinct personalities and how different people dress in a completely different ways. I would name each case after a person I knew and would create a style that would fit their personality.




I’ve seen a few creative cases for the iPad and Kindle. Do you have any plans to bring some style to tablets?
I am currently content with having my gadgets naked. I enjoy the technology as it was created. But am already getting a small itch and a desire to make some new styles.


What new technologies or applications do you use in producing and showcasing your works?
I am a big believer in highly customized websites to showcase ones portfolio of work and strongly believe in the power of social media in promoting it. Blogging and especially Twitter has been my best tool when trying to reach a wide audience!

Top and skirt designed by Jovana Mirabile, one of Aneta's graduating fashion design students.


What’s your point of view on the geek or tech lifestyle within the fashion world?
Geeks are still not quite in in high fashion, but that's why it makes an even stronger case if one wants to be unique and create a strong personal style. A pair of well chosen frames and a button down shirt paired with a vintage skirt or pants can create a great combination.




You can keep up with Aneta on her blog, Bobbin Talk, where she is currently featuring the collections of emerging young designers, including the fashion collection thesis presentations of graduating fashion design students from Parsons this year.

Aneta also has a website where she teaches Accessory Design e-courses, FashioneTutor



Photos: Courtesy of Aneta Genova




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Jo Marzan

June 3, 2011

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What's your most favorite thing in your entire wardrobe?

Hands down my hat with feathers! I have a grey fedora style hats with a long peacock feather and a vintage jewel which always brings endless compliments. I notice when I wear it people are nicer to me.

What's on heavy rotation for you?

I am actually listening to some of the American Idols contestants songs. My favorites are James Durbin and Casey Abrams. On heavy rotation I alway shave the classics,like the Doors, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones.

What's your favorite gizmo, website or app?

The Hipstamatic photo app has been my best friend for the last few months.