ROCKERISTA Weekly Spotlights on Emerging Music and Fashion

If you’re not signed up with any of the daily-deal-flash-sale-sites by now then I don’t know what planet you’re paying full price on. One of the awesome things about the Interweb these days is that everyone wants to seek out the best stuff for us. Be it clothing, vacations, furniture, local food - you name it and there’s something spectacular waiting to be redeemed within less than 24 hours. I can only imagine that soon there will be sites devoted to curating the best deal sites. Mark my words.


It is Rockerista’s duty to draw your attention to the good ones. The cool ones. The first one I’ve been wanting to cover is music and fashion site 1Band1Brand.


I first heard about 1Band1Brand from this past year’s SXSW conference in Austin and immediately thought it was such a cool concept. Each week members are presented with one new up and coming band alongside one emerging fashion label. One band, one brand every week. The site does a good job introducing you to the stories behind each music and fashion artist. You can listen to tracks on their new EP, watch music videos and learn about the uniqueness factor of their creations. If you like what you see and hear, you get an exclusive offer to purchase the fashion products at a discount. And for the music, you name your own price. No joke - you call the shots on pricing music.




What I like about the site is the blend of presenting emerging artists in music and fashion together. And I do like that you have a week to get to know the artists and their work. You can tell the team loves what they do because of the great job selecting unique products to hone in on. Our usual experience of shopping can be bombarded with hundreds of items that it’s nice, every once in a while, to focus on quality and craft. Even after the week is up, they keep the bands and brands up so you can review their full curation. The only thing I can’t get used to is the sideways scroll. But that’s just me!


1Band1Brand is created by the fine folks of 138 Music and Entertainment. Subcsription to the site is free.


Out of hobby and habit, I’ll continue to post about flash sites on music and fashion so check back. Until then, don't let the Deal Gods down today and go grab that Hawaii offer already!




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Jo Marzan

August 9, 2011

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